miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Batman #45

Batman and Catwoman's wedding is coming but at what time?

Booster Gold is going to give Bruce a gift, a gift that could save his whole life, only if he wants it of course.

This is actually a pretty interesting premise... but suffers from the usual problems from this run.

Tom King comes with the idea of an alternate universe and future where many things are different and starts literally with a bang. The different timeline is quite intriguing and is mostly because of the fun references like Tim Drake worked in a cubicule or Jason Todd having a tire business which is classic King stuff of taking old ideas in unique ways, this is also evident in who is the Batman of this time and what happened to Bruce Wayne.

That idea though immediately falls apart because of the also classic terribly unnatural King dialogue. The idea that Booster needs to give Batman a "gift" is repeated constantly which is expected from the writer but the thing that this also ruins the whole plot due that Booster is supposed to fix this timeline by making the characters realize where they truly are but the whole fixation with the word "gift" makes Booster saying it constantly instead of actually TELLING OTHERS WHAT HE REALLY WANTS TO DO! All of this makes this more convoluted than it needs to, this could have been solved pretty easily if the style wasn't so forced (then again, considering what happened at the end, maybe not).

Tony Daniel's artwork is pretty good though thanks to the beautiful style and imposing looking characters.

Not sure what to expect next but keeping the expectations down.

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