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Some thoughts about Superman #45

What is the most important thing in Superman's life?

Is time for change for the Kents and most of them don't know if they're ready but they have no choice but go forward despite of all the good moments they lived.

This marks the conclusion of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason time on the title. The run as a whole had its ups and down but its high moments were really high and this issue showcases most of the best aspects of their tenure.

The issue is all about change based on the idea that the Kents need to move out (preparing themselves for the upcoming run by Brian Bendis most likely) but not before they have a good time around Hamilton while reflecting into what is what matters the most in their lives. The story is really heartwarming although a bit heavyhanded in the whole concept of "change", that being said, the issue hits all the right notes thanks that the authors use one of the elements that made their run so special: Family.

The characterization of the whole Kent family is fantastic and demonstrates a lot of emotional moments from all of them. The town of Hamilton has also been a pretty relevant setting for these characters and so also receive a solid sendoff based on all the stories they had. Even characters like Boyzarro and Robzarro (who I wasn't expecting to survive but I'm glad he did) get an interesting scene.

There's also the whole meta feeling that Tomasi and Gleason create which pretty much talks about the end of an era and is well-executed as a whole. Again, a bit blunt but well-executed.

Gleason's artwork is pretty good as expected thanks to his beautiful characters and wonderful storytelling.

Pretty appropriate ending. I think I'm going to miss these guys.

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