miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #21

The Outlaws' relationship is getting stronger.

Jason is investigating a casino that could make him lose more than he expected. Meanwhile, Bizarro is finally revealing his secret to Artemis.

Another issue, another wonderful read.

Scott Lobdell delivers a new chapter where he explores of what makes these characters special. The highlight of the issue is the conversation between Bizarro and Artemis where the former is finally being honest about what's happening to him and this depiction is done in a pretty understandable way and is pretty sympathetic in the sense that it reflects how some people fear that they might lose their minds at some points. Not only that but this also reinforces the dynamic between both characters and takes it to surprising points.

There are other fun bits like how Jason takes a disguise that makes him look like Matches Malone, Bruce Wayne's other alter-ego, and his part of the story is also pretty enjoyable in its own regard while showing that he still has a strong bond with his family.

Dexter Soy remains in art duties and his work is still wonderful thanks to the strong character models and storytelling.

Great read, quite excited about where this is going.

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