miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Aquaman #35

The reign of Rath is about to end.

Murk and Arthur are finally going to have another encounter and King Rath will realize that power comes with a cost.

This story is taking more time than anticipated but still is pretty interesting.

Dan Abnett brings a new installment where he continues the fight for the throne of Atlantis with of all its implications. The story would have initially been a bit repetitive considering how much the people of Atlantis hate their current King but this is saved because of the great characterization that happens between Murk and Arthur who finally come to terms about their previous battle and demonstrates more depth between them.

And yes, Rath continues to be that Trump parody but Abnett continues to go for interesting directions with him like turning him into one of those "tainted blood" he hates so much due to his ambition which is pretty fitting for a racist and the end makes things more exciting.

Robson Rocha handles the art and this is pretty good example about how flexible he is as an artist since he's able to replicate the supernatural and fantasy tone that this story had since the beginning perfectly.

Good issue but I hope this arc is over soon.

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