miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Sideways #3

Sideways will have to handle a situation out of his reach.

Killspeed is putting everyone in danger and Derek will soon realize that this enemy is more complex than he expected.

This series continues and is still a quite entertaining journey.

Dan Didio and Justin Jordan deliver a new chapter full of fun superheroics and interesting ideas. The premise of Killspeed goes beyond what you usually see in supervillains and in fact even connects her to the first storyline from Joshua Williamson's Flash run (which makes this even better), the idea of a metahuman whose powers might be killing her due to her own disease is quite compelling and gives her a stronger motivation for her actions. Not to mention that this puts Derek in a dilemma about how to handle this since his superpowers can't help Killspeed and in some cases can make things even worse.

The natural dialogue helps to make the conversations much more enjoyable while depicting the characters solidly. There's also a second segment which offers the origin of Sideways which I wish that would have been shown in the first issue with more clarity but is still entertaining.

Keneth Rocafort is an incredibly creative storyteller, his artstyle depicts every scene powerfully and elevates the script even more.

Solid installment, hope the next one arrives soon.

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