sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #17

What are Onyx Prime's plans?

Optimus is starting to discover more secrets about his new allies and the biggest one will come at the end once that the person behind the current threat is revealed.

Well, this issue did give some revelations all right.

John Barber is closing the door on his work on this book and probably the IDW universe as a whole by offering new developments about the past and present. The characterization is solid when it focuses on flashbacks concerning moments that go as far back to Barber's own first issue in Robots in Disguise which gives a bigger context to the whole conflict the Autobots and Decepticons had and how one of them was willing to sacrifice everything for their cause. Is solid character work and appropriate enough.

The plot also progresses decently with different sides being questioned which I will say that it affects the pacing a bit due that the story jumps from place to place constantly and creates an erratic read. That being said, the twist at the end was pretty interesting.

Kei Zama's artwork is good at depicting complex Cybetronians and environments but not that good at storytelling which might be because of the already mentioned pacing.

Overall, not a bad issue, a few problems but satisfying in content.

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