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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #45

Wonder Woman will have to defeat Darkseid no matter what.

The God of Apokolips has found Themyscira and is threatening everyone on the island. Now is up to Diana to found a way to end his menace once for all.

Well, at least this storyline is over.

James Robinson offers the final installment of this overly-long Darkseid plot-point which to be honest, didn't really have a place in Wonder Woman. The fight is pretty unremarkable without any interesting moments aside from an incredibly cliche way to defeat the villain.

How did Diana defeat Darkseid?

With the power of love.

I kid you not.

Yes, she used the power of her love with the Gods that Darkseid killed to gain their power and use them against him. To be fair, it makes a bit of sense in context considering the connection Diana has with those Gods and the mystical nature of their existence but still doesn't change the fact that this an immensely tiring and mockable manner to conclude a story. The whole "power of love beats the villain" solution has been parodied to death at this point and writers should know better not to use it seriously.

Oh, and Themyscira is still lost somehow so Diana finding it solved nothing at the end. At least the ending puts Darkseid in the place he needs to be for the upcoming Justice League Odyssey book.

Emanuela Luppachino, Ray McCarthy and Marco Santucci share the pencils and their work is solid during their respective segments, particularly Luppachino's.

Aside from that, this was a waste of time. Not worth checking out.

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