miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #34

Wolverine's last mission is about to end.

Laura needs to save one of her sisters before she dies but to do so, even some of her partners will have to sacrifice their lives.

This series is about to conclude and is a damn shame considering how good it still is.

Tom Taylor brings a new chapter where he plays with the dynamic between these heroines and their status in the future. The addition of Captain Marvel, Maria Hill and especially Hawkeye makes this story much more enjoyable, particularly because of the entertaining conversations that Gabby and Kate have which makes me suspect that Taylor really liked the last Hawkeye book and wanted to use the fun portrayal of Kate.

However, not all is laughs since the story gets really serious really quickly with the fight against Doctor Doom getting more dangerous to the point that some of the characters might not survive it, some actually don't.

Ramon Rosanas handles the art and is really good looking thanks to the great character expressions and storytelling.

Good read, hope the conclusion is satisfying.

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