miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about The Flash #45

Is time to remember everything.

Barry and Wally finally want to meet Iris once again and the result could be surprising for everyone involved.

Guess what? Yet another satisfying issue!

Joshua Williamson continues his great work here by delivering the encounter that most people were waiting for. There's a pretty solid escalation to that point though since the writer focuses on the ramifications of the last story by showing the current situations of all the people involved. Meena in particular receives a pretty solid explanation how her actions which don't really justify them but at least makes them more understandable and creates a good closure for her arc while Godspeed is being prepared for the upcoming big event.

Best of all though, are the great scenes concerning Iris. The relationship between Barry and her is handled really well by demonstrating how much they love each other for the person they actually are which is quite accurate based on their history. Then of course, comes the encounter with Wally with consequences that will make a lot of people happy.

Christian Duce handles the art and is solid with expressive characters and storytelling although some expressions look odd at times.

Great read, can't wait for Flash War.

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