miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about Trinity #21

The Trinity's search for Steve Trevor continues.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are just realizing that they've been manipulated all this time and that might be the worst thing to happen to them.

Better than the last one at the very least.

James Robinson offers a new installment where he continues to the fight against Deimos. The thing that separates this issue from the last one is that at least there's some reasonable content here with the Trinity exploring what has been happening over the course of this story and even investigating interesting aspects of other worlds. The portrayals of the characters seem on-point as well thanks to the narration that depicts their personalities nicely.

Not perfect though since some of the dialogue can still be pretty awkward. A particular line sticks with me: "Do you miss having a hand?" Who the hell starts a conversation like that? Oh, and it seems like Robinson wants to appear self-aware by following that with: "Sorry, stupid question." without knowing that just because you address it doesn't make it less stupid.

Patrick Zircher's artwork is pretty good though with strong character models and action scenes.

Not bad, not great, just hope the conclusion is better.

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