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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1

Can Wonder Woman's boyfriend save the day?

Steve has found himself in a mission that reminds him a lot of his early days when he met Diana and that could be one of the worst things possible.

You know, I was initially excited once I saw that Tim Seeley was writing this.

Tim Seeley is one of my current favorite writers due to his work in other books like Grayson and Nightwing, I thought that he would replicate the kind of character development he created for Dick Grayson in those titles and make Steve Trevor shine.

But sadly he doesn't, in fact is basically a regression of his character.

Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates did pretty solid jobs to make Steve distance himself from Diana and become his own character since the New 52 (particularly Gates during the Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. miniseries). Here however, the connection to Wonder Woman is way too strong for my taste, playing with a lot of the same themes that are so abundant during her book and not even being able to spend too long without referencing her. Mind you, Seeley might be following Greg Rucka's direction and that's the reason behind it but still, there were better ways to execute this.

Oh, and there was a group of menimist trying to take over the world because apparently Seeley thought that the version that Rucka used during his opening arc was too subtle. There are better ways to implement Diana's concept of equality, just saying.

Christian Duce handles the artwork and beautiful with a lot of details for the environments and characters along with a pretty appealing style.

Not the best sadly, is a true shame.

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