miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #22

Nightwing will have to fight againts an old enemy.

Dick is trying to keep his life together by searching for a new job and making his relationship with Dawn stronger but things are going to get more complicated once that one of Bludhaven's biggest threats returns.

Another chapter, another solid read.

Tim Seeley brings a new installment where he focuses on the return of a classic Nightwing villain, Blockbuster. Mind you, Seeley takes his own direction with him and makes him a bit more interesting than before which creates a quite intriguing new direction for Nightwing as well. Also, it was cool that he used the developments from the last issue despite that he didn't work on it.

The best part as usual, is the character work. Seeley really knows how the write the protagonist by making his relationship with Shawn engaging and the rest of his life entertaining as well.

Miguel Mendonca handles the artwork and is really good with beautiful characters and a lot of detail for their expressions.

Enjoyable stuff. Excited for the next one.

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