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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #20

What happened between Green Arrow and Arsenal?

Oliver and Roy can't help but keep arguing about their past but they will need to work together if they can solve their problems in the present.

*sigh* Let's start with the positives as usual.

For one, is cool that Ben Percy is exploring Roy's Native American connection by revealing more of his past and how all of it was connected to his relationship with Oliver. Plus, I'm glad that at the end they finally put their problems behind.

And that's all, let's start with the hate.

The new Count Vertigo continues Percy's tradition of replacing the great reinventions of Jeff Lemire with much simpler versions despite of how complex he tries to make them look. This new Vertigo is basically a digital drug who wants to make people be addicted to him which of course connects him to Roy's addiction problems but is much weaker in terms of actual character than Lemire's reinvention, not to mention that he doesn't have a true personality beyond the concept he's going for.

He's just a theme, not an actual character. Great, you know how much I love sh*t like that.

Plus, the fact how Roy mentions that Ollie's losing his forune makes him "less of a bastard" is irritating, particularly because when Emiko, Dinah and now Roy keep repeating the same thing makes the whole issue completely one-sided and annoying. Money makes you a bad person, there's no other side of the argument.

Eleonora Carlini and Mirka Andolfo's artwork is beautiful on the other hand, a lot of energy on the scenes and great expressions for the characters.

Underwhelming stuff but what else were you expecting?

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