miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman #20

The final fight is here.

Bane is ready to kill Batman and he can't help but remember all the events that lead to this moment.

Weeeeeelllll, this issue wasn't exactly an epic finale, at least not the way Tom King intended.

In this last chapter we see the final confrontation between Bruce and Bane and is just a big dumb fight to be honest, there's nothing particularly interesting about it, at least not in the fight itself since King concentrates his writing on the narration and my God, the narration can be asphyxiating with so many boxes over the mediocre battle that try to make it more interesting but it mostly makes the issue just overwritten.

Is there something good about it? Well, King apparently wants to make the character of Bruce progress by making him realize that he's not Batman because of the death of his parents but because people need help... which doesn't mean anything since that point has been stated several times in the past already and King was the one who introduced that useless characterization during his run.

Finch's artwork is a bit rough this time but makes sense considering the many unremarkable scenes he had to draw.

Quite boring to be honest. Why was I excited ?

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