miércoles, 17 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Transformers #9

Cybertronians continue to fall.

People are starting to change sides and the murder investigation is leading to more conflict that could cause even more deaths.

First of all, that cover doesn't really represent what happens here.

Second, not a lot happens once again but there are still a few things to like here anyway. For one, there's a lot more action sequences compared to previous issues, particularly the battle between Sixshot and the fembots which was well-paced and executed overall (although there's a little scene that could be taken as abuse and I'm not sure how to feel about it, sure, there are bad people but still).

The plot progresses at a pretty slow pace as expected but is compensated a bit with the interactions between the cast who are dealing with the different motivations of all the characters based on the recent murders and the escalating tension between Autobots and Ascenticons.

Angel Hernandez and Anna Malkova handle the art and the storytelling is not the best due that the plot is hard to follow from panel to panel at times.

Not bad but I really hope the next one offers more proper content.

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