jueves, 11 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Wonder Twins #6

Can the Wonder Twins save the world from itself?

The Scrambler is ready to take over the entire planet and neither Zan nor Jayna know what to do which might not be the worst thing actually.

This miniseries has come to an end. As I've mentioned before, this title didn't reach the expectations I had from the beginning, this finale is no different and I'm starting to understand why.

Mark Russell offers the final chapter of his story by putting an abrupt end to the supervillains' threat. The idea behind the Scrambler is not bad per se but it ultimately reaches a point of overly-naivety trying to pass a progressivism due that he believes that he can replace people like the President (who act like complete political caricatures) and quickly solve every problem in the world because of course things work as easy as that but is not so much what the Scrambler believes as much as what Russell believes which seems pretty weird from someone who seemed to understand things better as seen in series like The Flintstones and The Snagglepuss Chronicles.

The plot brings a lot of ideas into the table, many of which Russell has been developing over the course of this title and even previous ones but they don't really mix into an actual cohesive form and it almost seems like the writer is putting everything into the table because is the last chapter and he needed to. Not even the characters reach an actual satisfying conclusion because now they believe they need to accept things as they are which would be something understandable in real life but not in this case because this is a world of superheroes and even for those standards, this story has been pretty ridiculous.

And that's the main problem, this series didn't really know what it wanted to be. At first it seemed like it wanted to tell a story about teenagers trying to find their way into the world and it started really well because of that reason but then began to throw ideas about the justice system, prison, kindness, etc. Ideas by the way that didn't really explore actual complex scenarios and seemed surprisingly simplistic considering this is Mark Russell we're talking about. They lacked a lot of cohesion and actually reminded me of Russell's first DC title, Prez which suffered from similar problems.

Stephen Byrne's artwork was really good looking thanks to his semi-cartoony style and clear storytelling.

Aside from that, was this a satire of superheroes? Because it seemed that way due to how a lot of characters, particularly those in power, acted but considering the somber tone it took towards the end I'm not sure. It wasn't even a good satire in the level of The Flintstones neither it tried to touch more realistic and depressing aspects of life like The Snagglepuss Chronicles. It just didn't know what to do.

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