miércoles, 3 de julio de 2019

Some thoughts about Batgirl #36

Can Batgirl survive this fight?

The Terrible Trio is ready to go down with their own club and take Barbara with them but this will be harder than they expected.

This arc comes to a conclusion and I must say that despite that is pretty simplistic in nature, it still works surprisingly well.

Mairghread Scott offers the final battle against the Terrible Trio by showing how strong Barbara is and how her character is growing. The fight is handled appropriately with fast paced action scenes and intense moments but as usual, what truly shines is Scott's character work which is reflected on Babs' struggle of trying to survive this attack while at the same time convincing her enemies that they all need to escape and all of this not worth it. One of my favorite scenes is when Batgirl needs to help one of the Terrible Trio only to him surprisingly doing the right thing at the last moment which tells a lot in a single scene.

The plot also comes to a solid conclusion when Babs learns that her business is over because of the events of the previous issue and this puts her in a new direction while at the same time, looking at the bright side of it and people in her life. Is a pretty positive outcome.

Paul Pelletier remains in art duties and his work is still really strong thanks to the expressive characters and precise storytelling.

Overall, this is pretty much how you do a satisfying superhero story, not groundbreaking by any means but one that covers all the right notes for what it tries to do. Good job.

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