miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Superman #28

The history lesson continues.

The Kents are still learning about the history around the country and they're going to meet interesting people who are connected to it and might teach them new aspects.

"The history lesson continues" all right since this was barely anything else.

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason deliver the last chapter of this little storyarc and while the previous one was a bit heavyhanded and preachy, this one gets a bit overboard. At least the last installment showed some solid character moments to complement with the huge drops of info but there are barely any personal scenes here, some towards the end of course but nothing really remarkable.

I get the intention of the writers, trying to teach people about the history of the country while no trying to offend anyone and I do like some of their takes like Freedom of Speech but this doesn't save it from being overwritten and not any more entertaining than your typical history class. If this was somebody like Garth Ennis writing, he would have made the people they'r talking about actual characters to make the story more compelling and human but as it is, this is simply not that enjoyable.

Scott Godlewski handles the art and is pretty solid with expressive characters and a clean style.

Other than that, I can't genuinely recommend this issue, just got bored by it.

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