miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #23

Can Wolverine save an entire planet?

Laura has just realized why the virus she fought arrived to Earth and is up to her to stop the culprits before it hurts her loved ones.

A bit shorter than the last one but still satisfying chapter.

Tom Taylor continues his story by bringing a few answers on the way. The question of where the virus that almost killed Laura's world comes from is finally revealed and all of it is connected to her in different ways (although it makes more sense if you read the previous series Wolverines and sadly I didn't) while progressing the plot at a nice pace.

The characterization is still solid thanks to entertaining interactions between Laura and the Guardians of the Galaxy who receive accurate portrayals and references to their current title. The natural and fun dialogue even during the most horrific moments certainly helps. My only complaint is how little actually happens during this issue, is the classic Taylor decompression.

Leonard Kirk remains in art duties and his work continues to improve by delivering more polished character models and storytelling.

Decent issue but hope that the next one offers more content.

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