miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #12

Who could save the Microverse?

Ryan has been trying to figure out where Ray Palmer is all this time and now he might have a clue but he might not like what he finds.

The big storyline this series has been teasing for a while is finally here and so far is decent enough.

I've commented in the past several times about how disappointing this book has been so far and that's mostly because Steve Orlando created a bunch of little, lackluster stories with a bunch of underwhelming villains just to hint at much bigger storyarcs but at least they have been building-up to something and based on this plot, they did a passable job at the very least.

The characterization is solid while the different references to a bigger DCU are welcomed (although I find funny that Orlando included his own laughable creation, Afterthought, here). Not to mention that this issue included tons of content that were lacking in previous issues which allows for a much deeper exploration of the Microverse which obviously has a connection to the old Sword of The Atom series. The little easter eggs are pretty enjoyable.

And Ivan Reis is back too! Sure, his style doesn't look as polished here but he still knows how to tell an impressive story in terms of visual but makes me wonder what happened to him all this time?

Enjoyable so far, but let's see how it continues.

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