miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #13

Superwoman's return to Smallville could be very dangerous.

Lana has found herself in her hometown along with Lex Luthor and a supervillain and can't help but remember how everything began.

... Did I miss an issue here?

No seriously, I feel like I missed some sort of issue here. I mean, I think I understand what Kate Perkins is trying to do here, beginning the story just in the middle in the action while bringing some hints about what's actually happening through flashbacks. THE PROBLEM is that the transition between this issue and the last one becomes really jarring and almost makes you feel like you skipped an installment somehow, the pacing also gets pretty erratic.

I also have some problems with the characterization. In Lana's flashbacks, Clark acts strangely jealous of her and her new boyfriend which makes him start acting out of character instead of being the balanced guy he tends to. Not to mention that now Lana is apparently as good in chemistry as Lex Frikking Luthor, what?

Stephen Segovia's artwork though, is fantastic with a beautiful and polished style that creates a lot of beauty in every page and makes me wonder how DC doesn't put him in bigger books.

Not the best thing I've read this week sadly, not recommended.

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