miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #21

Ms. Marvel will have to realize what is she fighting for.

The new Mayor is causing problems for Kamala and her people and she will find out that one of the villains who has been hunting them is actually connected to her.

Colour me surprised in some aspects.

G. Willow Wilson continues her story about the transparent Trump parody and how that affects minorities in certain ways. I know I said last month that I was tired of multiple Trump characters that appear in almost every book since it has gotten repetitive and writers barely touch any new ground with it. However, considering the stupid things that Trump has been doing lately, I'm okay with writers mocking him more (although I would prefer if they drop the overly-tiring discrimination aspect and focus more on the more concerning idea that a war could begin at any moment).

The plot progresses at a nice pace and reachs its climax once that Kamala realizes who is one of the enemies she has been fighting which leads to a pretty compelling case about how your race doesn't necessarily reflect how well your situation is, in fact the writer dares to question the idea of how "White Privilege" might not be as accurate as some people from the progressive movement paint it to be and how individuals suffer from distinct problems on their own WHICH IS COMPLETELY TRUE! I can't say much more without mentioning spoilers but let's just say I was surprised about how balanced the commentary was here.

Marco Failla handles the artwork and is once again quite fitting for the book thanks to his distinctive and expressive style.

Hope this a sign for improvement in the future, excited to see what happens next.

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