miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #962

Can Azrael handle his new powers?

Duke has created a new armor to save Jean Paul's life but this might not be enough to stop their enemies and especially the ones that are about to come.

This storyline just concluded and colour me surprised at how competent it actually was.

James Tynion IV delivers a final chapter where he brings closure to some of the characters while teasing future stories. The character work that Azrael receives is pretty solid by exploring the connection between him and his old organization and how all of them could be developed in the future, the conclusion of that particular segment is also depicted in an interesting manner which creates the set-up for a new arc.

Even Zatanna receives solid character development despite of how forced her presence in this storyline felt at times (Yes, it was a forced way to tease the upcoming Metal storyline, let's not kid ourselves) by showing how her past is related to the current situation.

The story is GREATLY elevated by Alvaro Martinez' wonderful artwork that makes every scene of the script much better in terms of storytelling.

Not bad at all, hope it continues this way.

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