miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about New Superman #14

Can the New Superman save his own country?

Emperor Superman has proclaimed himself the new savior of China and is up to Kenan to figure out a way to stop him.

Yet another content-packed installment.

Gene Luen Yang continues his story by still delivering the amount of character work, plot and worldbuilding that you would expect. The characterization is pretty solid since the whole cast receive good development depending on their own situations, particularly Batman and Wonder Woman whose relationship is finally progressing. In fact, I would say that worst part here is Kenan and not because he necessarily becomes a worse a character but because at times he can be too much of an asshole to care about.

Plus, the story itself moves at a pretty nice pace following different segments at the same time. The battle against Emperor Superman is satisfying and the mystery around I-Ching remains as one of the most intriguing aspects of the title. The cliffhanger is interesting enough as well.

The weak link here though, is Billy Tan's artwork which can be pretty rushed at times with awkward looking character models and not so efficient action scenes.

Other than that, this is a pretty good chapter and makes me excited for the next one.

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