miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #26

Can the Green Lantern Corps survive another encounter with the New Gods?

John is trying to keep his team together after the Sinestro Corps left but they will have barely any moment of peace once that Orion appears.

New storyline begins here and so far is an interesting one.

Robert Venditti delivers an opening chapter which focuses both on the past and the future. The ramifications of the last battle between the Corps are still being felt, mostly reflected in the character work which is solidly depicted in all the members of the cast and their relationships while teasing future encounters with their former allies.

And of course the story opens literally with a bang thanks to Orion which quickly brings back memories of the previous storyline Godhead while the little hints to a bigger universe are offered at the same time.

Rafa Sandoval handles the story perfectly in art duties thanks to his vibrant and powerful style that creates energetic action scenes.

Solid beginning, excited for the next one.

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