miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers: Till All are One #12

Can Starscream save Windblade for good?

Windblade is trapped in her own head fighting against Vigilem and is up to her former rival to help her and maybe learn more about each other.

This series concludes and while it had its ups and downs, this is still a pretty appropriate finale.

Mairghread Scott brings closure to previous plot-points by delivering the inevitable return of Windblade and the development that could create. The character work is surprisingly complex here, particularly from Starscream's side who shows more aspects of his personality that were hidden before and all of them are connected and depicted in a pretty satisfying manner. Despite of my past complaints, I always thought that Scott writes a pretty solid Starscream and this is a clear proof of that.

Plus, this also brings a bit development for Windblade that, while not as compelling as Starscream's progress, is still logical and closes the door of Scott's work on the character adequately.

Sara Pitre-Durocher remains in art duties and her work is quite solid with expressive characters and strong action scenes.

One of the most enjoyable issues from the book, shame that it came at the end.

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