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Some thoughts about Manhunter Special #1

Can anyone control the Manhunter?

Paul Kirk has always lead a violent life and is up to some of his colleagues to make him realize the error of his ways.

And we're back to the Jack Kirby anniversary issues, this time handled by both Keith Giffen and Dan Didio. The creative has found some success in previous Kirby creations like O.M.A.C. and the Forever People but can they replicate that effect here?

Well, sorta I guess.

The story is pretty basic, like IMMENSILY basic. Is about the violent nature of Manhunter and how other superheroes see him, is at the very least pretty on-point and definitely in the same vein of Kirby's style, particularly in how the action and the dialogue are handled, quite old-school and in your face but appropriate and fun. The simplistic nature of the story works for and against it which results in a decent enough story but nothing fantastic. It was cool to see Sandman and Sandy though.

Keith Giffen handles the layouts while Mark Buckingham finishes the artwork and is a pretty solid collaboration. Giffen has always been good at following the energetic nature of Kirby's artwork and he's no different here with a lot of scenes being reminiscent of the King's style.

There's a second segment focusing on the Demon Etrigan and Jason Blood written by Sam Humphries and is surprisingly much more enjoyable due that is based on the complexity between the two beings and their relationship. Steve Rude's artwork manages to sell the premise as well in terms of style.

Overall, a satisfying enough special and people might find it fun despite that is not particularly memorable.

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