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Some thoughts about Mister Miracle #1

Is this the end of the road for Mister Miracle?

Since his arrival in Apokolips, Scott Free has been escaping from things all his life but now he will find out that there's one thing he can't escape from: Death.

Here it is, one of the most anticipated series of the year. For real.

Yes, we ALL know that Tom King's Batman run has not met expectatives even for someone like me who criticized his overly theme-oriented and repetitive, repetitive, repetitive work since the beginning BUT my expectations were a bit higher for this one since the kind of creative and supernatural premise of the New Gods fits much better with King's out there style. So, with that in mind, how does this fare?

Well, so far so good.

King is certainly influenced by the original vision of Jack Kirby's creations compared to more recent ones which is particularly obvious based on how the characters look here and while some of those designs might seem dated at points, they're still depicted in a way that you can take seriously. Speaking of things that you can take seriously, I can finally say that about King's unnatural narration which while ill-suited in mainstream books like Batman, fits much better in more esoteric characters and book like Mister Miracle.

The style is heavy and at times overwhelming as you might expect but still manages to be creative and interesting during the course of the read. King has gone full with his presentation and is decided to create a distinctive story in terms of narrative and tone. Yes, the repetition is still present here but again, it works a bit better here since it follows a more appropriate theme, especially at depicting the inevitable arrival of Darkseid (Atlhough that can also be a bit overdone).

The characterization is solid, the characters are being explored in a pretty complex way. Scott shows quite intriguing aspects of his personality while his relationship with Barda is developed successfully so far.

Mitch Gerards handles the artwork and he's certainly one of the reasons why this issues works so well. The visuals are impressive and complement King's presentation perfectly. A magnificent example of storytelling.

Surprisingly solid. Hope it continues this way.

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