miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #26

Nightwing will need the help of an old colleague to solve a case.

Huntress has just appeared in Dick's life once again and is up to both to find out what's causing the strange murders around old agents of Spyral.

This is as good as one would expect.

Tim Seeley returns to the Grayson days by bringing back both Spyral and Helena in this chapter that opens a much bigger storyline. The characterization is great since not only Dick is portrayed adequately as usual but Helena regains the voice and attitude from her original appearance in Grayson as being overly confident and competent, even more than Nightwing in some cases.

The plot itself is interesting since it touches some loose threads from the previous series handled by Seeley. Plus, there's also the sub-plot about Shawn and her development in the background that is building-up towards something bigger which will obviously and ultimately come to clash with her former lover.

Javier Fernandez is in charge of the pencils and is pretty solid with a pretty clear style that allows for great storytelling.

Quite good read, excited for the next one.

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