miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Archie #23

What will Betty's fate be?

Everyone in Riverdale is worried after the new of Betty's health and Archie is decided to make her realize that everyone cares about her no matter what.

Things are getting more and more serious.

Mark Waid continues long ongoing story this time by focusing on the ramifications of the accident and how that is going to change Betty's life. The emotional reaction from the cast is palpable and offers a lot of compelling and heartwarming segments where they show how much they care for their friend, especially Archie.

This doesn't mean that there aren't funny moments though because they are, particularly when Archie tries to be useful and fortunately they don't clash strongly with the most dramatic scenes and there are a lot of them.

Audrey Mok's handles the artwork and is pretty solid with a clean and expressive style that is perfect for the book.

Good stuff, definitely invested in what's happening to Betty now.

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