miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about The Unstoppable Wasp #8

Is the Wasp truly unstoppable?

Nadia is trying to figure out who she truly is and she will need the help of Janet and her friends to finally realize it.

Everything comes full circle here.

Jeremy Whitely brings the conclusion of his story and this book by making the relationship between Nadia and Janet Van Dyne even closer. The characterization continues to be a strong point thanks to the likable cast which is complemented nicely to the references to the old history between characters like Hank and Janet and how the most problematic aspects of their relationship are addressed (although I wish the defining aspect of Hank's characterization was the fact that he was mentally ill and not so much that he hit Janet once).

The potential for the future is also well-handled due to how the connection between both Wasps is developed and how can become better from it. The natural dialogue, entertaining and emotional moments obviously contribute a lot to it.

Rod Stein and Ted Brandt handle the artwork and is pretty appropriate thanks to their expressive style that gives a lot of detail to the characters and backgrounds.

Enjoyable overall, going to miss this book a lot.

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