miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Iron Fist #6

Iron Fist will need some help to save K'un-L'un.

After surviving the last tournament, Danny has found a new meaning for his life and to achieve it, he will need the assistance of other experts like Shang-Chi.

Well, this continues a pretty compelling route all right.

Ed Brisson delivers a new chapter of his big story about Danny becoming a better Iron Fist by developing both the plot and the world around him. The character work continues to be solid due that Danny shows all the progress he did during the last arc and being completely likable based on his desire to protect innocents while being at it, is a pretty classic portrayal of the character and thus is pretty fitting.

Not to mention that the author does some logical choices like integrating other martial artists like Shang-Chi into the story with fits perfectly with the direction and worldbuilding he created since issue 1. Plus, the plot progresses at a nice pace with interesting moments here and there.

Mike Perkins remains in art duties and his work is still quite appropriate thanks to his semi-realistic style that creates great details for characters and fight scenes.

Good read, hope the next one brings more of everything though.

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