miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #22

Deathstroke will need the assistance of old friends.

Defiance is fighting their own battles against organization that might threaten the country and Slade will try to find the help of Doctor Light although that might be more difficult than expected.

Well, this was an interesting read all right.

Christopher Priest delivers a new chapter about the reformed Deathstroke and his team while reintegrating some old concepts to the new DCU. The characterization is pretty solid, at first I thought that Slade was going to use the old version of Doctor Light (meaning the rapey one) but instead he's heavily based on the reinvention that Geoff Johns created during Trinity War and I think that works for the better since it offers a more compelling take without being problematic. Not to mention that it makes the contrast with Slade much deeper.

That being said, there are still some glances of the old continuity going on here. There's a connection between this Doctor Light and Secret Society which is probably related to his role during the pre-Flashpoint continuity and is even more obvious once that the old assholish Terra appears which is connected to her role during The Ravagers series based on her knowing Rose but at the same time, her awful being is based on the old stories in The New Teen Titans.

Diogenes Neves handles the art and I was missing his work a lot, this is probably one of his strongest offerings in a way with pretty expressive characters, powerful action scenes and precise personal moments.

Great stuff, one of the best for me this week.

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