miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Batgirl #35

Can Batgirl defeat the Terrible Trio?

Barbara has been kidnapped to serve as an attraction for rich criminals and now she will have to find a way to escape while her life falls apart.

This story continues at a great pace.

Mairghread Scott delivers a new chapter where she delivers exciting action and plot progression. The way how she handles the fight between Batgirl and the villains is really well-executed, the escalation concerning Babs' initial escape, fight and eventual victory over her enemies makes her look extremely competent and powerful without overselling the idea which is something really hard to do at times. All of this makes for a really intense read.

There's also the sub-plot that Scott has been building-up in the background about how Babs' previous action might caught up with her and is reflected in her relationship with Alicia and how she might be forced to make a hard decision about it.

Paul Pelletier handles the art and is really expressive in terms of characters and battle scenes. Really polished too.

Good stuff, hope the conclusion is appropriate.

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