miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Superman #11

How can Superman defeat Rogol Zaar?

Zaar has been allied with General Zod to destroy Clark's life and world but the House of El is ready to fight back.

First of all, that cover is really ahead of what's going to happen.

Second, I'm really sick of Rogol Zaar.

Seriously, I know that Brian Bendis is trying to sell this guy as the next big Superman villain but just like I commented since his introduction, he's not interesting enough to deserve that status and the fact that Bendis has spent so much time on him doesn't make anything better, it doesn't make the character more compelling and is incredibly irritating.

The issue itself is decent enough with a bit of plot progression and a solid portrayal of Superman which is something that I do appreciate from Bendis' run. Jon might as well be a non-entity though and him being older still doesn't have a proper purpose which makes things even worse.

Ivan Reis handles the art and is beautiful as expected with a big scale in the action and cosmic scenes.

Not bad, but things need to change already.

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