miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Catwoman #11

Can Catwoman rescue one of her friends?

Carlos has been caught and is up to Selina to save him before is too late but that's far from her only problem.

The usual formula of this run continues here.

Joelle Jones offers a new installment where she follows the plot-point from the last issue. Selina's race to save Carlos is told in the typical action sequence that you can expect from Jones which is a bit surprising considering she's not drawing this. It just seems that Jones is a fan of this sort of cinematic scenes and to be honest, it works well because at least the plot is progressing.

To me, the most interesting parts belongs to Creel, the villain of the first arc. We have seen how cruel she was by killing her own husband but now is shown that she doesn't even mind murdering her own son if he doesn't follow her plans which proves how dangerous she can be. All of this is leading to the next set of events.

Fernando Blanco and Hugo Petrus handle the art and they're a good choice due to their unique style and strong storytelling, Jones knows how to pick her storytellers.

Good read, hope the next one is just as good.

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