miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

Some thoughts about Aquaman #48

Can Aquaman recover his memories?

Arthur has been completely lost since he arrived and now is ready to remember who he was and the reason why he's here.

Okay, while this run has been underwhelming to say the least, this issue at least does a better job at creating some suspense.

Kelly Sue DeConnick delivers a new installment where she finally brings back Arthur's previous life. To be honest, this is mostly a recap of the events he faced since the New 52 so there isn't exactly anything new in that regard and the writing continues to be trite to the point that doesn't make this engaging. Not to mention that the emphasis on stuff like Scott Snyder's work is not exactly the best way to keep fans of Aquaman interested.

That being said, the story at least had a decent escalation to what is the biggest surprise of the issue which is revealed just at the last page and is centered around the most important person in Arthur's life. It makes me wonder where things are going.

Viktor Bogdanovic's art is amazing with his classic polished and beautiful style which is especially fitting when he depicts events drawn by Greg Capullo due to how similar their works are.

I wouldn't say this is good but is at least better than the stuff that came before. Not sure what to expect next.

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