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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #28

Can Green Arrow convince the hero of Metropolis to help him?

Ollie has arrived to Lexcorp to talk to Luthor to see if he can help him find the Ninth Circle. However, he will also need the help of the most powerful superhero on Earth.

Oh boy, this would have worked if it wasn't for the usual flaws.

For one, Ben Percy doesn't do a particularly bad job at portraying any of these characters (although Ollie's "You've changed, I can't believe it!" response of everyone around him is still way too heavyhanded for its own good). The characterization is solid for the most part due that Luthor is portrayed as appropriately smart while also demonstrating some scenes of depth, Clark also gets some interesting and accurate moments that show how much he cares about the people around him.

THE PROBLEM comes with the usual execution. The pacing is still all over the place with the story jumping way too fast from place to place, particularly at the beginnning in which we see how Ollie arrives to Lexcorp out of nowhere. Not to mention that, aside from the already mentioned heavyhanded moments, the character directions continue to be a big problem since I find hard to believe that Lex Frikking Luthor of all people had a quick change of heart just because Green Arrow talked to him no matter how much Percy wants to sell the idea. This is pretty much on par with the usual, trying to create character twists without a logical development to support it.

Juan Ferreyra handles the artwork and is pretty solid with a quite strong storytelling skill that shows really good details during almost every sequence.

The craft is an issue as expected and prevents the chapter from being actually solid but what else did you expect?

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