miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

Some thoughts about Hawkman #3

Hawkman's past is coming to kill him.

Carter's journey has taken him to a mysterious place where he will learn his next destination but that destination could force him to meet the worst person imaginable.

Yet another slow chapter but I think it works regardless.

Robert Venditti cotninues to the exploration of the multiple lives of Hawkman in a pretty interesting way. The narration serves as a solid exposition of the different incarnations of the character, mind you, I think actually seeing them would have made it even better but Venditti's narration doesn't become too tiring fortunately and I assume he's saving that for future entries. The fact that he continues to develop the mystery behind Carter's reincarnation is appreciated.

The thing is that, I feel like not a lot happened here. Sure, Carter finds a new place that is connected to him and his mythos but it mostly serves as a set-up for the end of this issue and the setting of the next one which is admitedly pretty interesting considering that Carter is going to meet the other famous version of Hawkman.

Bryan Hitch's artwork is decent but he doesn't follow the story that well since some of the scenes are not as clear as they should, particularly the most quiet moments.

Decent overall, hope the next one offers more as a whole.

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