miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

Some thoughts about Michael Cray #10

Can Michael Cray save his sanity?

Constantine has his own agenda and it might take the whole world with him and Michael will need to find what has been hiding in his mind all this time.

This series continues to improve, or at least it seems so.

Bryan Hill offers a new installment where he continues to explore the different key players who are trying to manipulate everyone and change the world. Constantine is one of the most entertaining characters here since, unlike other poorly-done DC counterparts from this book, he's still basically the same old John except with a much bigger plan in mind and maybe a bit more selfish which makes this portrayal easier to buy than previous ones, the fact that he's also pretty enjoyable as a character makes things better.

One of the most compelling aspects for me since the last few issues has been the state of Michael's sanity which deteriorates with each new issue. The way how Hill handles this situation makes sense in terms of typical mental illness... until the last page where is revealed that what is affecting Michael is yet another alien creature. I think the best way to develop this is by keeping it ambiguous and therefore create a strong case about mental issues and how to control them. Sadly, that doesn't seem like is going to be the direction.

N. Steven Harris remains in art duties and his work is just the same, good at storytelling but not so good at creating a polished look.

Decent overall but I hope some aspects are given a more complex resolve.

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