miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

Some thoughts about Titans #24

The Titans will have to fight a threat from another dimension.

Strange beings have just appeared and they're ready to meet a mysterious person and what the team doesn't know, is that this is all connected to the recent rise of the metahumans.

This was actually more interesting than anything that happened during Dan Abnett's previous take on the book.

Abnett continues to explore the idea of new metahumans in a pretty creative way due that this time is concentrated on how it affected a writer's imagination. Abnett clearly knows his material here and comments about the hard life of an unsuccessful writer while also using it as the focus of the story by showing how his ideas never got away and they're brought to life thanks to his new abilities. This allows for the appearance of enjoyable characters and compelling concepts.

And the issue itself is also pretty fun, there are a lot of jokes and fun moments going on during the read including Beast Boy turning into an unicorn to fight another one and one of the villains imagining Nightwing in a "compromised" position. Definitely some of the most enjoyment that I've gotten from Abnett in this series.

Brent Peeples handles the art and is decent since he follows the script appropriately while showing a solid amount of polish. Better than some of his previous works in fact.

Good stuff, hope the title continues this way.

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