miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #45

The battle between Atlantis and the surface has started once again.

Atlantis has risen and the army sees that as a threat. Now is up to Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad to stop them one way or another.

The end of Dan Abnett's Aquaman run is here and I just say that I wish it wasn't forced on a crossover with Suicide Squad.

As most people should know, I haven't been a fan of Rob Williams' tenure in the title because of his unremarkable stories and incredibly obnoxious dialogue and sadly a lot of those aspects are still present here. The set-up is interesting enough and that's mostly because of Abnett's own direction about how Atlantis is perceived as an enemy for the world which is something that has been building-up during his whole run in Aquaman so this feels like a logical development.

That being said, the parts that make the issue worse are the ones that are inherent from the Suicide Squad. Williams addresses a lot of events that have been happening in this book but since I haven't been following it, I just couldn't care less and to be fair, is not like Williams cares much either since they're barely given any focus. No, the focus goes to a couple of underwhelming new characters added to the Squad and you just know they're the next red shirts based on how ridiculous they are and how much the whole cast mocks them, no matter if Williams tries to give them a couple of lines showing how they're, is not enough for make them look less obvious.

Joese Luis's artwork is pretty good though, his style is really vibrant, clean and appealing, full of beautiful characters and clear storytelling.

Wish it could have been better but eh, let's see how it continues.

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