miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #25

Is this the end for Red Hood?

Jason has broke the promise he made to Batman and now he's coming for him and Jason's only hope is his friends.

Everything that has been building-up since the beginning of Rebirth has finally come together.

Scott Lobdell brings the inevitable conflict between Red Hood and Batman in a pretty powerful and heartbreaking way. The issue opens strongly with the writer creating a good set-up that shows how close Bruce and Jason used to be which is perfect to contrast the terrible situation that both are facing now. Their encounter is well-depicted as well, the moment where Jason tells Bruce "You never hit the Joker this hard and you hate him" pretty much demonstrates how serious Bruce is about this.

The rest of the cast also gets their time to shine as always. This almost seems like Lobdell is closing the door in some sort of way due that both Bizarro and Artemis receive really emotional scenes that almost feel like send-off and just when it seems like Jason is all alone, an old friend appears once again.

Dexter Soy, Trevor Hairsine and Phil Hester share the pencils and while the overall result is a bit inconsistent, is still pretty good look overall with Soy being the best penciller as always.

Great read, hope the next one is equally as good.

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