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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #42

How can Green Arrow defeat a supervillain?

The Parasite is out of control and the only way how Ollie can stop him is actually trying to help him.

This little story has ended in a better way than I was anticipating.

Mairghread Scott comes with a pretty appropriate conclusion all things considered. While I had a few doubts about the way he handled Ollie in the last issue, particularly Ollie's thoughts about prisons, it became pretty obvious in this chapter the reason behind it. It wasn't because of yet another predictable depiction of Ollie's ultra Liberal persona but instead it was about his human side, about how he feels like no man deserves to be treated like a monster and is better to try to help them instead of hurting them.

This worked really appropriately during the fight between The Parasite and him due that Ollie's decision is to reach him as a human being, calling him by his name and promise him that things will get better which is something that I wish more writers would do (in fact it has being part of my ideal vision of Green Arrow for a while). The conclusion is also pretty solid due that it doesn't offer a clear answer for the problem but instead just mentions that everyone should try to be better which is a pretty balanced resolution and again, plays with classic GA themes as well.

Mathew Clark's artwork is decent due that his storytelling is pretty clear for the most part although his style looks a bit rough but it works in monstrous characters like the villain here.

This is probably one of the most satisfying conclusions that this book has seen and yes, that's not saying much but it gives me hope that more people will see the character like this.

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