miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Catwoman #1

Can Catwoman recover her life?

Selina's world has changed yet again and this could be repeated once that a mysterious woman decides to go after her.

Okay, I'm going full spoilers here but let's be honest, is not too much of a "spoiler" since everyone has revealed that Selina left Bruce planted on the altar. Now Joelle Jones is playing with the ramifications of that plot-point and so far, is a pretty decent beginning.

Jones handles the consequences of that twist pretty realistically, particularly when Selina is on its own and has to face her new life and what she had to leave to get to this point. The characterization is also pretty solid since Catwoman's glamorous demeanor and status quo have returned in full force apparently.

The most interesting part for me are the new characters that are introduced here. The new antagonist appears to be a normal and beautiful politician only to hide a really horrible truth, much more horrible than anyone could expect which of course, plays with classic Catwoman's themes of duality and connects her to Selina in ways that are going to be explored in the future.

Jones' artwork is something that I've been really anticipating. Her work on Batman was basically some of the best parts from Tom King's run and she doesn't disappoint here thanks to her beautiful characters and wonderful storytelling that says a lot about the plot and cast just with its style.

Solid set-up, my only complaint is that it ended way too fast.

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