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Some thoughts about The Unexpected #2

The unexpected has happened.

Neon's partners have just died and if he wants to help his new colleague, they will need to find new allies before is too late.

Why do the same mistakes keep being repeated?

As I mentioned during the last issue, Steve Orlando commited many of the same mistakes from his Justice League of America run, namely the fact that the title opens with pure action with very little time to focus on the characters and why we should care about them which is particularly wrong since these are brand new characters who really needed the time to develop before going full into the fight.

This issue sadly is no different. No, scratch that, is even worse. Why? Because half the team has been immediately killed before even giving us a little idea about who they truly were. I mean, Neon explains a bit about them after they were gone but at that point who truly cares? This reminds me of James Robinson's "kill characters and later say something about them" trope in the worst way. Even the things that we learn about Neon doesn't make him that interesting due that is a simple flashback that last a couple of pages with very little focus on his personality. I guess that Firebrand receives more development but she's the only one and doesn't compensate for the lack of emphasis on the others.

A few interesting supernatural concepts here and there although they're pretty much thrown into the story and make the pacing pretty erratic at times. Oh, and a Challenger of the Unknown is introduced to the cast which might make this title a crossover with New Challengers.

Cary Nord handles the art and is decent enough but it lacks certain polish and makes his style lacking definition at times. Not to mention that it doesn't help the already chaotic pacing.

Yeah, I guess I'm dropping this. Is just not compelling.

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