miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Titans #23

Metahumans are out of control and the Titans are the only ones who can stop them.

Nightwing and his new team are decided to take care of the new superpowered beings that are appearing but their job could turn out to be more dangerous than they expected.

I guess this is the proper first chapter of this new direction while the last special served as a set-up and as it is, it gives us a better understanding of what this story is going to be.

Dan Abnett opens the chapter with pure action and credit where credit is due, it already feels more exciting than the first opening arc of this series. Yes, the original storyline of the book was very slow-paced and dull so that's not saying much but still the issue provides many energetic moments of well-executed fights that are fastly-paced and very effective.

The character moments are also pretty solid and they're based on this new status quo post-Metal. The way how the team handles the new threats is very appropriate considering their respective circunstances and even tells us more about their own characters and struggles. The chapter also offers interesting plot-points that are going to continue to be developed in the future and makes me wonder where things are going.

Brandon Peterson provides a lot of the energetic feel of this initial installment thanks to his strong artwork that makes all the action scenes engaging and the character moments very detailed.

Overall, a promising new beginning and I hope Abnett has better luck this time.

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