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Some thoughts about Man of Steel #6

Can the Man of Steel survive without his family?

Lois and Jon have left Clark and now he needs to defeat a person who is willing to destroy his world once again.

As most people were expecting, this conclusion serves basically as a set-up for Brian Bendis' next Superman series and while this story itself started fine enough, the problems have become sadly apparent.

Let's talk about the biggest issue here, Jon and Lois leave because... of really badly explained reasons if we're completely honest. As I said during the last chapter, Jon is really out of character here since he decided to leave his family simply because his grandfather (who he doesn't even really know) said so which again, contradicts how he was written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason where Jon wanted to stay with his family the most.

And this issue might be even worse in that regard since Lois decided to go with him as well and really, if it wasn't obvious before this is just a lame excuse to create drama in Superman's life writing everyone out of character just to get both Clark's wife and son out of the story. Speaking more of that bad characterization, Jon has been apparently suffering because the Teen Titans didn't accept him due that there's "something wrong with him" in his own words. This is so far fetched that it just takes me out of the story, especially since this same topic was addressed in Super Sons by Tomasi himself with a different and more believable reason and Jon didn't respond in an overly-angsty way.

Oh, and Superman and Supergirl defeat Rogol Zaar in a logical way at least... but it turns out that Kara has to leave as well to investigate about Rogol's origins and let's be real, this is just to create more drama to Clark.

Jason Fabok handles the art and is really solid thanks to his detailed character models and powerful style.

Aside from that, boy, this could have gone so much better. I think I could have accepted Lois and Jon being kidnapped or simply disappearing for no reason more than what we actually got.

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