miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #33

Is Damian truly Deathstroke's son?

Talia has revealed the truth to Slade but both Damian and him are doubting about it and this could be the final step to the inevitable fight between Deathstroke and Batman.

This series continues to progress effectively.

Christopher Priest offers a new installment where he plays with the ramifications of the last one with both Slade and Damian learning more about their connection. While the story could have seem like it has bad characterization concerning Damian's behavior (particularly because of how he's portrayed in other books), it quickly reveals where is actually going and is something predictable but gets the job done and ultimately sets-up the final part of this arc.

The best part of this chapter is without a doubt the interaction between Slade and Damian. Their personalities contrast in a really entertaining manner, especially since Damian is clearly playing the part of obedient son while Slade doesn't want anything to do with that. This also escalates the story nicely towards the end where both reveal their true colours and make the final page much more appropriate.

Ed Benes handles the art and he always knows how to draw cool superhero characters and action, his style is pretty imposing overall and fits the book adequately.

Good read, hope the finale is satisfying.

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