miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #29

Wolverine will have to fight for her family's sake.

Laura is starting to lose more and more loved ones and is up to her to stop this battle before is too late.

Boy, this was just a transition issue, plain and simple.

Tom Taylor offers a new chapter where he continues the big battle... with very little else happening aside from that. Is basically a big fight where the action takes the main focus and for that reason the installment feels like is really lacking in content. Is pretty much just preparing readers for the finale of the arc.

Not saying that is bad by the way. There are still the classic character and funny moments that you can expect from this book along with the introduction of a couple of elements that make things more interesting but that doesn't compensate for the fact that this was a pretty quick read which is saying something considering that this book is full of quick chapters.

Juann Cabal's artwork is stunning though. Really beautiful characters and powerful storytelling that gets the best from every scene.

Not bad but this could have been much more, hope the conclusion is worthy at least.

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